How good are your Trading Signals ?

We have over 60% success ratio. Feel free to contact us and request for our latest trading records.


I have never trade the financial markets before, do I stand a chance of making profits?

Absolutely, that's why we are here! We don't care about your experiences in the financial markets or what background you have, as long as you take our courses, signals and adhere to strict dicipline and risk management, you stand a chance of making profits. Feel free to come to our office and receive a quick and FREE consultation on all you need to get started.


How many signals can I receive a day?

Normally one to five signals a day. We only send out High Quality signals, reason why 80% of our clients refer us to their friends and family.


How do I receive your trading signals?

Our trading signals are delivered directly to you as an SMS or via skype.


How much time do I need to spend in a day to do this?

Average time spand is 15 to 30 mins a day.


Whom are the signals suitable for ?

Our signals are suitable to both Binary Options trader, spread betting , CFDs and forex traders.


How risky is trading ? and how do I reduce the risks?

Trading the financial markets carries very high risk on capital especially as a levereged product meaning it can be advantageous as well as disadvantageous. Forex masters is not an advisory firm neither do we provide our clients with financial advise. All our signals are based on personal analysis and clients are always called upon to do their own analysis before executing any trade or seeking the advise of a professional financial adviser or regulated brokers.


How much money can I make following the signals?

There is no telling of howmuch profits you can make however we do not guarantee any profits, trading is a risk and there are no guarantees. The trade signals provided are based on our traders experience and knowledge of trading Binary Options, Spread Betting, Forex and CFD's and should not be seen advice.


When are the trading signals Sent?

We send trading signals as and when they are presented in the market. From our experience this usually takes place between 09:00 GMT to 19:00 GMT.


Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Just let us know you want to cancel your subscription by sending us an email or through a phone call.


What is the usual trading time frame or expiry time?

Our trading signals normally expire between 45 mins to 1 hour, but sometimes they can be rolled over to the end of the day.


Why should I use your trading signals?

Most novice traders lose all their money extremely fast in the market. It is no place for amateurs. A trader has to be very experienced to have a chance in the market and lock in continuous profits. We offer you the guidance and assistance to start by reducing your risk through education. With our Signals combined with your knowledge you may stand a chance in the markets.



What money management techniques shall I use and how do I calculate my risks per trade?

Money management is one of the major topics covered in our trading courses. However, at forex master we many normally suggests that client risk should never exceed 2% depending on account size. For high net worth clients we do suggest 1% risk on capital per trade. But clients can always decide what is best for them based on their appetite for risk.


How are your trading signals monitored?

Our trades are 100% humanly monitored.


What assets do you trade?

We analyze and trade 4 type of instruments ; Currencies , Commodities, Indices and Stocks. The following assets are the samples : GBPUSD, EURUSD, GOLD, OIL, FTSE100, S&P500 & APPLE.


What deposit amount is required in order to start trading with your signals ?

The size of investment is at your sole discretion however for certain forms of trading, clients need to start with a minimum of £250 or above.


Who executes the trades?

You. All trades are exclusively suggested by our experienced traders. We DO NOT use robots, EA`s or other funny indicators, just human intelligence, and years of experience. We continually analyze charts, news, economic and political activity around the world, to provide the best trades available with the highest probabilities.


How many trades are done monthly?

We enter approx: 22 to 100 trades a month, depending on market situation and news events. There will be times this amount will be exceptionally lower and/or higher, our analysis provides us with high probabilty trade set ups, and we allow the market to present us these trading opportunites. We also advise our clients of non trading days, as we like to say "NOT TRADING, is also a trading decision".


Why pay for signals, when other vendors provide it for free?

Most times you will find that all FREE Trading Signals are provided by brokers or Robots, now we all need brokers in order to use a trading platform to execute our trades, but brokers also need clients, not just for deposits but for volume. So brokers will quite often provide Trading Signals free to their live account users in order to up their volume, this does not mean in any way that the signals being offered are from a tested or even back-tested system which works. The idea is to have a proven trading system that works and when you have something good you should charge a fee for others to use it. Not withstanding we also provide free trading signals to clients who complete our trading courses.


How are payments made and are they secure?

We go the extra mile in making sure you feel safe and secure when it comes to payments made online. We use state of the art infrastructure and highly renowned payment solution provider PayPal (Visa, Master Cards, American Express) in order that our clients have the security, convenience and safety at all times when making their online payments with us. We also offer Bank Wire Trasfer methods for those who do not have online payment access.


Are there other ways of payment?

We offer a variety of online payment methods, in the rare case that you do not find a payment provider that will address your needs then we 'might' accept cash. Please contact us  and let us know how we can assist. Besides the online payment methods used also accept Bank Wire Transfers. In case you are wanting to subscribe annually please contact us.


Can there be more than one position opened at once?

Yes. It is possible that there are various trades opened at once. However, in these cases you will need to make sure that you are able to handle the situation and trade in accordance to our money management. Usually, we do not operate more than 3 trades at any given time, unless our open trades are in a certain amount of profit.


How do I can get started ?

You can start today by clicking Sign Up tab above or simply just contact us by clicking here