Draghi Shaking European Economy


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The EUR/USD lost a good bunch of the gains hardly accomplished yesterday on the

back of SNB's Moser comments about the SNB being open to negative interest rates.

But will this trend continue?

After a brief period of consolidation from 106.75 to 106.50, the USD/JPY is pricing a

new highs around 106.85 where the pair is finding further selling interest. But will

this reversal occur?

Quick Daily update

Apple unveils a smartwatch - its first new product line since the iPad - as well as

bigger iPhones and a contactless payment system.

An estimated three million households are being encouraged to reclaim money they

are owed by the big six energy suppliers, following pressure from the regulator.

Manchester United predicts profit and revenue to fall as a result of its failure to

qualify for Champions League.

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USD Unemployment Claims 302k 306k


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By Nikhil Pankhania

Senior Market Analyst & Trader

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