Could EUR/USD 14 Month Low Be Coming to an End ?

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EUR/USD continues trading in nice ranges and has now moved lower. But will this continue with todays market news coming out?

GBP/USD opened at 1.6250, and kept drifting lower since that time, posting 1.6216 session low in early Europe before reversing the move; currently, it is trading at 1.6246. But will this continue?

Quick Daily update

New EU sanctions against Russia will take effect on Friday over its role in Ukraine, with Russia warning of retaliation. How will this effect the EUR today? Former Sainsbury's boss Justin King warns an independent Scotland will mean rising prices, put investment at risk, and affect Scottish food producers. How will this add to the pressure we are seeing at the moment with GBP/USD?

Yahoo says the US government "threatened" to fine it $250,000 a day if the search giant failed to hand over user data. Could this potentially effect the stock price of yahoo?

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By Nikhil Pankhania

Senior Market Analyst & Trader

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