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Technical Analysis Daily Majors & Minors

• The British Pound is struggling to make good on a bottoming chart setup after prices bounced as expected having put in a Piercing Line candlestick pattern. Will we see a breakout today?

• USD/CAD has vaulted back above the 1.1220 mark leaving a Bullish Engulfing formation in its wake. But how will this move today?

Quick Daily update

• The UK Living Wage - an hourly rate based on the amount needed to cover the basic costs of living - has been raised, benefitting 35,000 workers.

• Millions of taxpayers will this week start to receive a breakdown of how their tax has been spent.

• Argentina temporarily bans the consumer products giant Procter & Gamble from doing business amid accusations of tax fraud.

Daily News To Watch

Monday, 3rd November 2014 Previous Forecast Actual

09:30am GBP Manufacturing PMI 51.6 51.5

15:00pm USD ISM Manufacturing PMI 56.6 56.5

17:50pm CAD BOC Gov Poloz Speaks

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