Technical Analysis Daily Majors & Minors

• EUR/USD - is trading at 1.2387, down -0.77% on the day, having posted a

daily high at 1.2534 and low at 1.2383. But how will it trade today because of

the Non Farm results?

• USD/JPY - is trading at 114.88, up 0.10% on the day, having posted a daily

high at 115.53 and low at 114.06. But how will it trade following the Non

Farm results?

Quick Daily update

• The European Central Bank has published correspondence with the Irish

government in which it called for Dublin to seek a bail-out.

• Bank of England keeps interest rates at 0.5%, where they have been held since

March 2009.

• Concern over interest rate rises could "curb" house buying intentions, the

Halifax says, as it reports slowing house price growth.

Daily News To Watch

Friday, 7th November 2014 Previous Forecast Actual

0:30am AUD RBA Monetary Policy Statement

13:30pm CAD Employment Change 74.1K -3.9K

CAD Unemployment Rate 6.8% 6.8%

USD Non-Farm Employment 248k 235k Change

USD Unemployment Rate 5.9k 5.9k

15:15pm USD Fed Chair Yellen Speaks - -

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