GBP Construction PMI

GBP Construction PMI
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  • EUR/USD - Friday’s trade saw EUR/USD within the range of 1.1999-1.2110. The daily low has been the lowest level since June 10th 2010. But how will this pair move in todays session?

  • GBP/USD - The dollar began his reign in 2015 today as investors are buying the greenback after the bearish outlook in the eurozone and low oil prices. Against the pound, the dollar has posted new lows since August 2013. But will this trend continue?

Daily Update

  • The German government expects Greece to stick to the terms of its EU/IMF bailout agreement after a Jan. 25 election and a possible change of government in Athens, a spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Sunday. But how will this effect the Euro?

  • The value of the euro falls to its lowest level since the middle of 2010, following comments from Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank. Draghi said: 'The risk that we do not fulfill our mandate of price stability is higher than six months ago' - Euro was down to 29-month lows.

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Monday, 5th January 2015 Previous Forecast Actual

09:30am GBP Construction PMI 59.4 59.2

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