Jonathan (23)

London, UK

"The course is quite educational. I’ve learned quite a bit about Forex and not only just Forex itself but also how other factors factor into forex, I might not have known this without taking the course. Before the course I had a little knowledge of the forex industry. Through the course I’ve learned a lot about technical analysis because previously I only looked at fundamental analysis"

Christopher (21)

London, UK

"I studied economics and found the investment side very interesting so that’s why I wanted to get into trading. I chose ForeX Masters because of the duration of the ongoing support, how they continue to coach you for three months after the course. The course has been really interesting. You get more information than I thought but its really good. This five day course has helped me be ready to start trading live"

Hugo (19)

Kent, UK

"I wanted to get into the financial trading industry because there is massive potential for large earnings; I’m very money motivated. The course was extremely good, very informative. I learnt a lot in such a short period of time. I’m feeling very confident about trading a live account with the support from ForeX Masters. I would definitely recommend the course to others"

Noman (26)

Dhaka, Bangladesh

"I have an educational background in finance and investment, I’ve just completed my MBA and my aim for the future is to be a portfolio manager and I felt this course would be a very important asset to add to my résumé because I want to know this industry from top to bottom. ForeX Masters appreciates my previous experience and is the place I have been looking for"

Gorkem (23)

Hayes, West London, UK

"I want to become a trader because of the flexibility it offers, and that you can earn an exponential income. I chose ForeX Masters because I was interested in the job opportunity that is offered after the course. The course was great. The content that Arek teaches is great; we get some practical experience as well as the presentations, which are great. I’d definitely recommend the course to people who want to start trading or people who have just started and want to learn more"

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