Trading desks

At Forex Masters we also offer trading desks in the form of trading passes. 

This was uniquely designed out of demand from our students looking for the most profitable trading environment with like minded individuals and experienced traders.

 We have developed flexible trading desk rental passes to provide you with the ultimate surroundings for successful trading.


Benefit from multi-screen set ups, in-house signals, daily market reports and senior trader guidance.

 Five Day Trading Pass


Our Five Day Trading Pass entitles you to five full days on our trading floor. These days are booked at your flexibility and give you a day of total trading concentration in the best possible environment. 


With a floor of active traders, all under the supervision of a senior trader you give yourself the best posibility for maximum profits. 


Combined with in-house daily market report, make your trading days count, make them profitable. 

One Month Shift Trading Pass


Our One Month Shift Trading Pass offers the ultimate flexibility for traders. Choose either the European session or the American session each day for an entire working month to imerse yourself in our trading floor. 


With trading confidence from our, market report and senior trader guidance, enjoy the flexibility and profitably a life of trading offers.